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Original Title: Westworld
  • Genres:
  • Western
  • Science Fiction
Channel: HBO
Creators: Jonathan Nolan,Lisa Joy
Language: English
Description: Surreal world of the near future. Humanity is already fed up with the usual sensations and tries to brighten up their gray days with unusual entertainment. Of course, the opportunity to tickle your nerves exciting, and sometimes dangerous adventures are not available to everyone. This privilege is enjoyed only by wealthy citizens. To learn about the entertainment of future generations, you can watch the series "world of the Wild West", which is offered free of charge and in good quality. In the future, people can no longer do without the services of artificial intelligence. Robots are used in various fields, and only Dr. Ford has found a new application for androids. Together with the programmer Bernard Lowe, Dr. Ford creates an amusement Park "world of the Wild West", where anyone (for an impressive amount) can immerse themselves in a distant era of antiquity, where there is no moral principles and concepts of morality. Accordingly, any of the guests of the Park can realize any dreams and initiatives. The Park is surrounded by an artificial ecosystem and is divided into thematic areas, so each visitor can choose an era that suits his taste. The role of the indigenous population of the Park is performed by robots that are outwardly indistinguishable from humans. Guests of the artificial world get used to the habitat of androids, playing their own fictional life. In the amusement Park there are free manners, but one rule remains unbreakable. For artificial intelligence is required to comply with the laws of robotics, which state that a person should not be harmed. It is noteworthy that robots do not consider themselves machines. Their program is the most consistent with human thinking, so machines consider themselves human, and the "world of the Wild West" natural habitat. An attempt to reflash some of the robots causes the program to crash. The maintenance staff notices that the machines do not behave according to the scenario, showing unplanned traits. The Protocol is broken, but visitors are unaware of the problems and continue to enjoy the fictional world. Meanwhile, faulty robots make the decision that an intruder is dangerous to their society. Machines decide to cleanse their world of humans. By the way, in this confrontation, the laws of robotics, prohibiting harm to human beings no longer operate. Therefore, an exciting adventure becomes dangerous for visitors. To find out what the outcome of the struggle of the mechanical exhibits and the people who simply watch the show "World Wild West".

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