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The town of Waco is located in the South of the country, in the state of Texas and a little different from most of the settlements in this part of America. However, in 1993 there had been a slaughter among the members of the religious minded group "Branch of David" and government troops. The assault was carried out by ground forces using armored vehicles and helicopters. The siege of the estate and the negotiations lasted for 51 days. During this time Federal agents tried to convince sabaragamuwa sects to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities, but to no avail. 19 APR 1993, a decision was made about the assault, the tanks began to break through the wall, simultaneously firing at the territory of the bombs with tear gas. In the estate, a fire broke out had left the premises the followers of their spiritual leader was arrested. A month later, the remains of shelter "Branch of David" was bulldozed, the investigation lasted a year. The sect settled in the vicinity of Waco in the early 30-ies of the last century. The essence of religious teachings was to the firm belief in the second coming of Jesus Christ and the subsequent event of Armageddon. Overall, this was an ordinary religious fanatics, but the situation within the community has changed dramatically with the coming to power of David Koresh. The man in the memory of quoting Biblical covenants, and confidently prophesied about the coming Apocalypse. As a result of his preaching, the community members began to actively prepare for the salvation of humanity and the struggle with the forces of hell, doing physical training and stockpiling weapons. Koresh gradually increased its influence within the sect, skillfully manipulating the sentiments of their followers. In particular, he has limited adherents in the food, convinced the fellow that women should give birth to children only from him, so got a small harem which includes a minor concubine. In addition, he demanded that the cultists complete rejection of material values, so the property of the inhabitants of the manor write in favor of the "Branch of David". The starting point of the tragic events was the FBI suspicion that the sect receives income from the illegal arms trade. Koresh and his followers opposed the holding of the estate of the search, which resulted in a long siege and assault. The result of several days of confrontation resulted in the death of 4 us government agents and 82 members of the community, including children. The spiritual leader died at the outbreak of the fire.

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