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What are people willing to do in order to achieve this goal? Yes, anything, even to join forces with the enemy, when it comes to getting rid of a third party. So had to do two head teachers of one of the schools of Alabama, the heroes of the series "head Teacher" - Neil Gamby (head teacher of discipline) And Lee Russell (head teacher of curriculum). After the Director retired, they both hoped that will occupy the vacant place, but not lucky. The cunning old man left behind a receiver, or rather a successor, to the same African-American Belinda brown. Each of applicants tried the methods to get rid of"newcomer". So, Gamby decided to make a "revolt on the ship" and set up against her first School Board, and then the students. Russell decided to charm and seduce her. However, the powerful and self-confident headmistress quickly cooled their fervor. And then there are problems in the family, Gabby because of his teenage daughter, Russell's mother-in-law is Chinese. And then the men decided that it was time to hit a United front with a vengeance, to compromise Belinda and knock out from under her Director's chair, and then among themselves somehow the place will be divided. And here began all sorts of funny situations. The headmistress declared war two veteran and now all the heroes of the series "Teachers" watching these bilateral attempts to win over the headmaster's blanket. Dr. brown attracted to analyze the work of the school staff of his assistant with the original French name Sasson, now this Frenchman with Arabic appearance goes, follows, sniffs, collects gossip and dirt on everyone. Now, Gaby has to come to school at 5: 00 a.m. to buy buns for all the teachers. After the first dismissal, both the head teacher for fear decide to go to the headmistress home and find dirt on her, eventually arrange a Grand Bedlam in the house and accidentally set it on fire. But other than that, Russell has time to clean up all that is bad, and as a gesture of goodwill shares with Gabby his prey - a brooch with diamonds. The next day, brown calls both to his office and is surprised to announce that the analysis made by Sasson, Neil and Lee can be considered the best and most reliable people in the school administration. However, the sweet speech of the headmistress will not deceive the headmistress, they are ready to continue the war, while qualitatively perform their main job, but do not forget about the right to have fun.

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