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Camila Monterde and Luis Del Olmo are a young couple planning their future life in marriage, but after a car accident, he dies. Shattered by the loss of her fiancé, Camila goes to live at 'La Malquerida', a ranch owned by his uncle Don Daniel Monterde, to recover from the event. There he meets Alonso, an ambitious man with whom he will end up marrying. Marriage influenced by Isidora, Alonso's mother, a manipulative woman and not get along with Camila; and Dionysus, an accomplice of Isidora, who seeks to remove the ranch which was to be heir to the fortune of Don Daniel. The day Don Daniel dies it is discovered that heredity is not intended to Camila, but an unknown Daniel Diaz Acosta, a bastard son. Now the goal of Isadora, Alonso and Dionisio is that Daniel never receive that inheritance. To do so, send kill Daniel, but an error triggers the deceased is his wife, Miriam Farca. Daniel, accused of killing his wife for his brother, just imprisoned, however leverages a massive leak and escapes from prison in order to travel to the ranch from his father and take revenge on Camilla, whom he holds responsible for his misfortunes .