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Original Title: Trust
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: FX
Creators: Simon Beaufoy
Language: English
Description: The beginning of the 70-ies of the XIX century-a time when each of the inhabitants of Rome dreamed of changing their lives for the better. Lived in this era and those who put on their future huge potential, but all attempts to get rich and make a profit were reduced to zero. But there were those who, in spite of everything, managed to realize their most secret dreams. This is the category of people belonged to Jean Paul Getty-a local billionaire who built a fortune on the oil trade. At one point, life gave him a gold mine in the form of an oil rig in one of the provincial districts of Rome. Then he was still very young and full of ambitions, which just helped him to win over his desires and become a real rich man. Climbing higher and higher up the financial ladder Paul did not think that at least someday in his life will be any problems. After all, as he thought, money can solve a lot. In principle, it happened – no matter what a sharp turn is not presented to the main character fate – he always found the right way out of it, introducing the required amount of their earned money in the right direction. Daily trading on financial exchanges, the fight against corruption within the company, not punchy and ambitious character tempered the young man and made him a real shark of business, able to solve any problem. But Paul still does not suspect that very soon he will have to pay the bills, because there is always the man who will envy your success and look for all the ways to somehow get even the slightest profit. At one point in the life of an oil tycoon and it happens a terrible event: unknown kidnappers kidnap his only grandson. The purpose of the bandits only one-at any cost to get a huge amount of money in exchange for the life of the boy. It would seem that a loving grandfather is willing to sacrifice everything in order to save his firstborn. But this is just an illusion, behind which to hide very different views on life. The only person who worries about the life of his baby is his own mother. But only there is a problem – she has absolutely no access to father's money and now she is forced in any way to get the desired amount of money in order to return the only son and save him from the most dangerous thing that can happen. But will she be able to realize her plan, because the amount requested by the kidnappers is quite huge, and she has less and less time to pay it. The answer to this question you will learn for yourself by watching online TV series "trust".

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