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Tick – formidable crime fighter, who yearns to protect people from the forces of evil by any means. He thinks he's a superhero to overcome which is not capable of any enemy in the world. Despite their ominous goals, the Teak is very good-natured and often has a naive Outlook on life. The main character hates the office job and prefers to chase the villains in a few with their own special assistants. He is dressed in a blue suit of the tick, and prefer not to part with their way. His idols are the main characters of the comic defenders. So every year he tries to participate in an unusual competition, the main prize in which – the right to protection of the six major cities. To achieve success it is sometimes difficult, because one wrong move costs him plenty of troubles. Charming Teak never gives up and is always ready to help those who need it. Often it can be difficult to cope with all the problems alone and then the main character attracted to the work of the assistant in the person of Arthur. He always wears a costume of a butterfly, listen to the advice of his best friend, who is struggling with the manifestations of crime in the city. He's a bit cowardly, but perfectly knows the Economics. With the superheroes on the case is often sent and their best friend the bat. His smug character he adds significance to the faces of others, although in reality the hero is very cowardly. The company of men successfully dilutes the American virgin, which is characterized by courage and my temper. Gathered around him only the best crime fighters, Teak is ready to rush into battle with important opponents. Among them is El Grain, a creature that is related to sunflowers, consisting of petals instead of hands and feet. Villain-green thumb and then throws the main characters work, inventing incredible evil plans. Ctuality Chippendale has become the worst offender is the fault of circumstances. Instead of a head he had a chair, something constantly laughing around. In the end, as an adult, he began to hate the world and began to come up with aggressive plans, dreaming of becoming a Lord. Supervillain-confectioner named Baker threatens to use all of his power to blow up the city. As a result, the main characters not only have to protect the city, but also to constantly monitor the actions of the villains in time to prevent their evil plans.

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