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Mystical zombie melodrama" the call of sorrow " captures from the first minutes of viewing, dragging into its dark and cold atmosphere of the inexplicable. A small quiet town, lost in the French Alps, for some reason was the center of a chain of supernatural events. Long-dead people began to return to the world of the living. The aging process did not touch them at all, all the memories of the past life and even the day when the accident occurred, but the moment of death was erased. Therefore, those who have returned from the other world do not know that they are no longer expected by their relatives or friends. After all they were are dead a long time, and with their loss of all have learned. The returnees are desperately trying to get into reality and live as before. In General, the locals perceived their arrival with relative calm, despite the state of shock from all that happened. For some reason, and the principle of the risen dead is not known. During their lifetime they were different from each other people – neither in social status nor in age and died different deaths, who 4 years ago, and who as much as 35 years. The metamorphoses taking place with reality, as expected, did not lead to anything good. With the return of the dead came and death, but unnatural, and in the form of an unknown serial killer. Terrible on the cruelty of a crime in a strange way reminded handwriting of the serial murderer from the past which operated in the town a few years ago. However, these are not the only strange events that began to occur with the arrival of the dead. The water level in the local reservoir began to fall unnaturally, exposing the remains of some mysterious structures similar to the ancient village. Animals as if went mad and began to commit mass suicide, drowning in the shallowing lake. The flow of arriving walking dead does not cease to dry up, but, on the contrary, only increases, more and more frightening the local population. There is a growing tension between the dead and the living, which turns into a conflict, and the government stubbornly refuses to believe the rumors about the people who have risen from the graves. Some citizens began to leave their homes, and the remaining will have to figure out what caused such strange phenomena and how to continue to coexist with those who came from the afterlife.