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The plot of the Club red bands is located in a German hospital and revolves around a group of young people who have come together to form the eponymous group. As the teens spend a lot of time together on the pediatric ward, they must learn to cope with each other.    Of course, not everything runs smoothly and there are regular conflicts arise that need each other to solve it. Each of the young people has its own history, hides a personal trauma and was shaken in some way by fate. At the hospital, however, the young people find like-minded people and a common enemy, namely growing up.    Growing up: the biggest challenge in a life that seems apparently to consist only of fear and pain; but eventually realize the teenagers that their life also holds wonderful things ready for them - such as their friendship, which is in the course of the Club red bands about to emerge.    Main characters of Club Red BänderLeo (Tim Oliver Schultz) is the leader of the club of red tapes. Due to his illness, one leg must be amputated. This circumstance is bothering him very much.    Jonas (Damian Hardung) is Leo's best friend and therefore acts as the second leader of the club of red tapes. He also handles the loss of a leg.    Hugo (Nick Julius Schuck) also belongs to the club of red ribbons and always turns out to be good spirit among the youth, spreading an extraordinary amount of optimism.    Toni (Ivo Kortlang) assumes the role of smart in the club of red tapes. He thinks twice before he says something or performs an action.    Emma (Luise Befort) suffering from anorexia nervosa and therefore has the same stationary device such as Leo, Jonas, Hugo and Toni. She is the only girl in the club of red tapes.    Alex (Timur Bartels) completes the club of red ribbons as a sixth member. Since it is quite pretty, he henceforth occupies the position of the pretty ones in the group of young people.    Background information about Club Red Club BänderBei red bands is the German adaptation of the Catalan original series Polseres Vermelles, which was broadcast on 24 January 2011 for the first time on TV3. In Germany the format Vox has found a new home and is produced under the supervision of manager Bernd Reichart. This was not least responsible under its previous activities that Polseres Vermelles was shown after his first broadcast at TV3 on Antena 3, one of the most popular television networks in Spain.    In June 2015 Bernd Reichard announced that he will bring the story of the club is told entirely from the perspective of patients, in contrast to most hospital series of red ribbons, even after Germany - and self-produced the first drama series Vox. The first season encompasses a total of ten episodes, which differ mainly at the end of the template. In addition, individual storylines were changed and the figure staff is also not remained the same. The screenplay was written by Arne Nolting and Jan Martin Scharf.    Also next Polseres Vermelles and club red ribbons there is an American adaptation, which bears the name The Red Band Society. This celebrated on September 17, 2014 its premiere on Fox, but was discontinued due to poor viewing figures after 13 episodes again. (MH)