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Original Title: The Qin Empire
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Channel: CCTV-1
Description: All attempts Kesem to resist the enemies of the Dynasty ended in complete failure. Without the Sultan's proper support, it cannot untie the hands of its allies. Another deadly struggle for power is brewing. This time Ibrahim will decide to fight the conspirators on his own, but his actions behind his mother's back will leave a serious imprint on the authority of the state.
Meanwhile, in series 30 of season 2 of the series Kasem Sultan to the gates of the Palace has already approached the angry Janissaries, ready to overthrow. They want to hear in detail about the actions of the Lord and his laws that contribute to the development of the Empire. Anastasia understands that their revolt is fake, they were just paid for an extraordinary meeting. For the sake of her son's safety, she agrees to meet the envious Sultan…

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