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When Talon was a little girl, in her native village was attacked by the mercenaries who killed all the fun of local residents. 6-year-old was lucky to survive and was picked up by a passerby. The stranger took care of the Talon, telling her the secret of her origin. It turns out that the girl was the only representative of a vanished race of Chernobrova and she will fulfill its secret destiny. Years passed and of frightened orphans, the Talon turned into a handsome 18-year-old girl with an explosive temper and able to fend for themselves. She did not forget killed the parents and burned the village. All these years she wanted to take revenge on the ruthless killers, and it suggests where they might be hiding. The Talon is sent to an Outpost – an impregnable citadel located on the border of the Kingdom of savages. It is a shelter for adventurers and the real dregs of society, which have no place in the civilized world. The government turns a blind eye to the things happening here is chaos and lawlessness, while the fortress protects the subjects of the crown from the incursions of the savages and goblins. Talon assumes that the Outpost is a haven of murderers her family, so went to the fortress. Along the way the girl inside awakens an ancient power, which you need to learn to manage. Upon arrival, she finds herself in a world of contradictions. In the citadel of the thriving smuggling drug coliesum, which is savages very popular. Traders this potion to get fantastic profits and supposing that in the pursuit of profit doom their own civilization to destruction. The plantation is located near the castle attacking zombies coming from the wild lands. The castle is located in the military garrison and the soldiers have to protect the inhabitants of the civilized world from these attacks and smugglers. The commandant of the Outpost Sheriff, Waiters trying to find a compromise between drug traffickers and the military. The appearance in fortress of the Talon introduces some imbalance in this confrontation forces. Here she meets new friends that can help her find the killers of his parents. The captain of the Royal guard Garrett always follows the rules and follows orders, but in the coming chaos the young officer have a hard time. Smith Smith was formerly a mercenary, and in no hurry to dwell on his past. Brewer, Ganso is a gifted chemist, while maintaining a sober look at things in this world. Now the life of a Talon reminiscent of a whirlpool, but immersed in the everyday problems, it does not forget about the original purpose for which went to the fortress.

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