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The main characters of the series "Ghost tower" are representatives of two departments: the FBI and the CIA. Each of these organizations tried to stop the threat posed by al-Qaida. The head of the terrorist squad – Osama bin Laden was one of the most dangerous people on the planet, and a huge amount of money, weapons and fighters was allocated for his capture. Every law enforcement a clear understanding of what is going to certain death, getting involved in this case. Soon the two agencies cooperating with each other began to meet with serious disagreements in their joint work. Both the CIA and the FBI are trying to use common methods of influence on the bandits, but their attempts lead to incredible failures. Their lives full of unimaginable difficulties make children understand how unusual the modern world is. The danger emanating from their opponents, only increases with each passing day, and because of the inability to find a common language and act together, the heroes see their familiar world collapsing. Because of the conflict in Iraq the eleventh of September there was a terrible tragedy, which killed large numbers of people. The two organizations, United among themselves, for the first time began to understand: - "What responsibility was on their shoulders all these years". Officers tried to stand out, earn an ideal reputation, but instead they became the perpetrators of the deaths of thousands of civilians. The public counted on each of the secret agents, but all their attempts to save the population ended in complete failure. Life gave them many surprises, leaving no chance to correct the misunderstandings that have appeared in their destinies. The modern world is really dangerous, and each of the main characters managed to understand it personally. Now they need any known ways to find the exact location of a group of terrorists before they take over the whole world. Humanity is in great danger, and only acting personalities are able to influence the further situation. Lots of trouble appears in the lives of operatives willing to risk yourself for the right things. Will they achieve effective performance? Will they be able to succeed in a short period of time in an operation in which they failed for five years?

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