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Space, the infinite darkness, filled with a myriad of planets and star systems. These vast expanses have always interested man, but technological progress does not allow to master the cold vacuum of the universe. Of course, space can not be called a desert. Orbiting Earth is the international space station, which regularly sent expeditions, was the landing of American astronauts on the moon. However, after the sharp breakout, the expansion of humans into space has stopped. Only Observatory explore the nearest reaches of the universe, which is able to reach the powerful lenses of the telescopes. But humanity is not going to abandon long-held dream and prepares to go beyond the home planet. In the near future, scientists have managed to do the impossible. Thanks to technological advances, was built space craft suitable for interplanetary flights. Now the dream of colonizing the planets of the solar system become a reality and the starting point for human settlement in space should be Mars. Red planet is a long and carefully researched with unmanned landers. Scientists have long assumed that early Mars was inhabited by intelligent beings, but the alien civilization died as a result of an unknown disaster. Now people will be able to study the planet in place. On Earth in full swing preparing for the first in the history of human civilization for a manned flight to another planet. The members of the crew and members of the research expedition training and psychological training, which should help them to adapt to extreme conditions. It is no secret that the astronauts will have a difficult and dangerous mission, because nobody knows how to meet Mars the first earth. However, the difficulties and trials you expect future colonists. Each departing flight of the brave men on the Ground are friends, family and loved ones. Seeing the astronauts in the way, families don't know will meet again or interplanetary flight does not involve a return. The team works together, developing collaborative skills that will be useful on an alien planet. For this we have to overcome serious psychological barriers and to cope with inner emotions. When the command is given to start, to change their destiny will be already impossible.

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