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Howard silk is an ordinary employee at one of the major American bureaucratic companies. His daily life is quite boring and monotonous, and he himself is far from young to actively spend not only working but also personal time. It would seem that he will soon have to go to rest and sit at home in front of the TV screen, drinking another coffee with a sandwich. Yes, and Howard himself has long been reconciled with such a passage of time, when in the morning he goes to work, and in the evening he returns home to Emily's loving wife. After all, what can happen to a person who has almost one foot in retirement? But fate, which can be very unpredictable, has its own plans. One day and nothing remarkable working day, the main character learns a terrible secret that was hidden from him for a single year. And the thing is that his colleagues secretly from all founded a special society, which is destined for a very important role: namely, a meeting with new creatures from parallel worlds. The portal to this world is very close – just behind the external facade of the bureaucratic company. Very soon, Howard manages to get into this closed community and meet face to face with a completely new and unusual world, which he did not even know. Now his life is really turned upside down. And it surprises him even more one pleasant meeting with his real counterpart by the name Prime. The, unlike its copies, has far more important role in his parallel world. Now new friends and colleagues will have a very dangerous mission, because a new friend needs to look for the same doubles as he himself, to prevent a global collapse. But this is not so easy when you do not know what to expect from others in a completely different world, especially if you have never seen anything like this in your life. Plus, they need to find a dangerous criminal, who also managed to escape from the back side. Now she has taken control of the human world and kills anyone who gets in her way. And it can only be stopped by real professionals-none other than Howard and Prime. But will an ordinary bureaucrat with his new baked friend-partner be able to overcome all obstacles and finally fulfill the mission entrusted to them? You can find out about it by watching the online TV series called "the Other side".

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