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From series to series before us more and more deeply characters of heroes reveal. Despite the fact that there are no openly positive or negative characters in sgu, it is impossible not to feel sympathy for some of them. For example, Eli, who is brilliantly played by David blue. Acting in "Stargate: the universe" is a special conversation. In my opinion, in comparison with the previous parts actors deserve the highest marks. And if in sg-1 and SDA sometimes there were many complaints about the performing skills of actors, then when watching "universe" personally, it caused only positive emotions, and sometimes, I'm not afraid of this word – admiration. That only is the character of Robert Carlyle - Dr. Nicholas rush (I'm talking about the incarnation of the image on the screen, not about the personal qualities of the character). Masterfully embodied on the screen the conflict between rush and young. Everything is so thought out that I think many viewers really empathized with what was happening. And it is impossible to say unequivocally: who is right, who is to blame, who is a positive character, and who is negative. However, I have already said that the ambiguity of the characters and their characters is the main theme of "the Universe".Now, about the fact that the series did not meet expectations fans of "stargate" - Yes, after the pilot episodes often heard the opinion that sg is dead. Fans splattered saliva monitor, hayali, what the light is, and the Director, and the actors, and most of all, of course, got the writers. Screaming what it's like to watch one and never will be, and at the same time... I watched the show. I think, everyone looked from some motives: someone with hope that screenwriters will come to their senses (that, by the way, partially occurred in the second half of a season), someone on a habit, but the majority, I am sure,-simply because couldn't come off. Despite the seeming lack of dynamics, in series present any appeal. After watching the first series, it is impossible to refuse to view the following. By the way, another advantage of "Stargate: the universe" is that it can safely start to watch people who have not seen the previous seasons. The film is very organic and self-sufficient in itself, it is not necessary to be aware of what was happening in sg-1 and SDA.

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