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  • Comedy
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Sitcom created by Fernando Lopez Puig narrating funny and ironic way the daily life of a group of "squatters". Lucia (Carmen Maura, 'Volver', 'The girls from the sixth floor' 'Ay, Carmela!', 'Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown') is a former actress who has an unfriendly relationship with his only son, Carlos (Xisco Segura, 'The perfect stranger'). Still, Lucia decides to trust him when Carlos proposes to leave a few days to a residence known as "The glories" while making reform at home. He soon realizes that Carlos has stolen your home and plan to leave it there. But Lucia, who is a woman take up arms, it will not so fácil.Junto other retirees "The Glories" and the cook of the residence, Lola (Anabel Alonso, 'Seven Lives', 'The Mata family' 'Jam at the National'), Lucia mounted a rebellion and escape in the middle of the night. Their flight leads the group picturesque building where Lucia lived, only to find that is abandoned and is now owned by the bank where Carlos works. Still, the "fugitives" entrench themselves as a squatter. Since that time the relationship between Carlos and his mother become more tense, and the first will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to drive them out of there and fulfill their propósitos.Los retirees will not be the only ones who take refuge in the building. Among them they will also be "Six Gun" (Adrian Lastra, 'Brain Drain 2', 'Cousins', 'BuenAgente'), the rebellious son of Lola, his girlfriend Nancy (Nazaret Aracil, 'Karabudjan', 'Tell me how it happened' ), a posh girl for everything is a game, and goalkeeper of the estate, Alonso (Juan Manuel Cifuentes, 'Ulysses syndrome', 'the golden girls'), which has always been strained by Lucia and try to relaunch his career as actriz.Los "squatters" should overcome their problems and stay together if they want to stay in the building and resist the desperate attempts to evict bank.