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The beginning of the film is set since the birth of the second Mithridates war. But before that the Romans asked for help from the mountain tribes, in order to go on a campaign against the barbarians. Having received their help, the Roman troops defeated the barbarians. After a stunning victory, the Romans decide to go to war with Mithridates and the same please help the hill tribes, but they refused. As a result, the Roman nobility was offended by this action, and decide to arrest the leader of the tribe. He is condemned and talked to death in the gladiatorial arena. But there it was. The chief of the tribe defeated the gladiators, and then was sold to the city of Capua in the Gladiator school. On arrival at the school he was given the name Spartacus. While training at the Gladiator school during the initial training, Spartacus for himself realizes he does not possess any combat skills in the arena, so it is imperative that the battle took place to the satisfaction of the viewer. And he realized that if the viewer will be interested in fighting with his participation, he will be able to win a name in the arena, resulting in a better chance to buy their freedom, and what Spartacus wanted to achieve, both for himself and for his wife, which the Romans sold into slavery. Years training for Spartacus not over a gift, he become one of the best gladiators. The film clearly shows the scene bais, training, as well as intrigues that took place in those days among the Roman nobility. But by the end of the film, Spartacus realizes that everything he aspired to lost its meaning, after the murder of his wife, or rather, when he learned how his wife was killed and in it lurked anger, and revenge on those who so cruelly and dishonestly acted with him. From that moment he begins to make plans to escape. Spartacus knew that he would never see freedom because by this time he had ineffable glory in the gladiatorial arena and the money that he earned, he did not give, and will strive to earn it more money. He had only one way out-is the uprising of all the gladiators, which happens at the end of the film. Gladiators rise up and kill all the inhabitants of the Villa.

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