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Original Title: Son of Zorn
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: Eli Jorne,Reed Agnew
Language: English
Description: Somewhere in the Pacific ocean there is a beautiful island called Zephyria. It is there that the main character lives-a brave fighter for the justice of Zorn. Every day he fights with opponents and takes part in the most incredible battles. Once Zorn knows that in California, will soon celebrate its coming of age by his own son Alangulam. On his phone there is a special reminder of this event, which can not pass without his participation. The main character intends to personally congratulate him and for this he will have to go on a long journey to the United States, where he lives not only his son but also his ex-wife IDI. Sitting in the plane, he will make a difficult flight, the final point of which will be a modern metropolis. A large city is a place of incredible discoveries for a brave warrior. There is no grandiose battlefield, no battles, no open confrontations, to which the red-haired father is accustomed. This is a little embarrassing hero, accustomed to decide the fate and plunge into an endless confrontation. Fussy townspeople rush about their business, solve their absolutely insignificant problems and do not even know about the existence of the great Zorn. He is dressed in animal skin, always carries a gun and does not understand how different from the rest. Meanwhile, Edie has already planned a meeting of his ex-husband with his lover, who does not like the main character. A nondescript Professor who lectures to his students all day long knows everything about psychology. But it is unlikely it will be able to save it from collision with the bloodthirsty opponent. Craig and weapons never in the hands of not kept, and about military battles and nothing to acquire to speak. New choice seems Torno a real laughing stock of the background of such brave brave men, like himself, but Alanguilan not delighted by the unexpected arrival of an uneducated father. Hardly at all among the guests of the planned celebration there are those who will take his side. But the protagonist of the series "Son of Zorn" is not going to look for the location of guests or to please them for every reason. His main goal is to achieve respect for his beloved son, whom he has not seen for more than 10 years. This would be not so easy, because in the twenty-first century have not used the techniques to which so accustomed brave thug.

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