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Without identity 'focuses on Mary, a stolen by a group of mobsters dedicated to child trafficking baby. The protagonist on a quest to find the truth, is locked up and away from everything that surrounds it. When it grows, his mother's family comes from the wealthiest and respectable classes of Valladolid. He works as a lawyer in a prestigious law firm and has a promising future, but increasingly feels more involved in other work, carried out in their free time helping people at risk of social exclusion.    But 13 years later, Maria discovers by chance that is not biological daughter of her parents. After the emotional impact, the young lawyer decides to undertake an obsessive search for its origins. To investigate the origin of dark and gloomy birth, Mary discovers a network of extortion, theft and trafficking of babies and has to report the facts. But the main perpetrators of the plot manage to stop her. Mary ends up becoming a terrible, cold, powerful woman. At that time, turned into another woman: Mercedes Dantes, returns to Spain to carry out its implacable revenge.    Among the cast of the new series of Diagonal TV is Miguel Angel Muñoz ( 'Bloody West') which will be to interpret the villain, a guy good but very bad person who will embarrass Mary, the protagonist of this tale of revenge . The main character will be played by Megan Montaner ( 'A Fistful of kisses') and its antagonist Amparo Sanchez Veronica ( 'Gran Reserva: The Origin'), whose encounter with Mary will change your life. His childhood was tough and very young has had to deal with his prostitute mother illiterate and sick and keep both. She has never worked as prostitutes, although his life has been full of difficulties.    His childhood was tough: has not had a father and daughter of an illiterate and sick prostitute. From very young, you have to deal with it and subsistence ambas.A Unlike her mother, Amparo has never practiced prostitution, although his life has been full of difficulties of all kinds.