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Original Title: She-Ra: Princess of Power
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Broadcast Syndication
Creators: Mattel
Language: English
Description: Action cartoon with horses Invincible Princess Shi-RA 1 season take place on the distant planet Etheria. Once it was a thriving, peaceful and a pretty strong area. All its inhabitants went about their business, enjoying life. However, such a calming state could not last too long. There will always be hunters to turn upside down. And this planet decided to capture a treacherous villain Chord. This monster is at the head of a powerful, invincible Empire called the Horde. No one can become a worthy opponent for the villain, which he uses, destroying everything he meets on his way.however, the inhabitants of Ethereum are not going to give their own lands to an evil monster without a fight. Intrepid townsfolk gathered in the ad hoc group of rebels and are constantly trying to win over Chordomas. He also kidnaps Princess Adora, concluding her in a distant zone of Fear. After spending a long time here, she does not even understand what is happening around. It's like she's half asleep because of the spell the powerful Queen of Darkness cast on her. Only is, finally, another magician, who removes the veil from the eyes Adore, telling her about all the accidents and even dedicating a girl to the secret of the power of the sword. After that, she casts a spell and transforms into she-RA.

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