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Johnny Rock is a relic of the 1990s - purely external one could really believe that he never arrived in the 21st century. No wonder Johnny was once the lead singer of a rock band from New York, including The Heathens. Together with his best friend, Flash, Johnny toured the States. With their albums, the two were able to inspire not only the audience but also the critics. Even behind the Rolling Stones, Johnny and his band mates did not have to hide, Johnny was at that time even counted among the best guitarists in the world.    The only difference between them and the British boys was the success. Although The Heathens could very well bring an entire hall to the quake, the band never achieved the great breakthrough. Concomitantly remained of financial success, and with time Johnny and Flash had to admit that her dream had burst. Not least, the two could stand only partially itself. Although they perfectly harmonize with each other while making music, it always came back to battle. The main reason for this was the excessive alcohol, cocaine and marijuana use by Johnny.    That Flash had also slept with Johnny's wife, the whole thing did not help. Finally it happened as it had to: The band broke up - on any peaceful means. However, Johnny has set 25 years later the idea in his head, to lead a small reunion in the way. Annoyingly Flash does not even begin to be interested, after all, he has a successful career as a studio musician and guest appearances occasionally at concerts of pop icon Lady Gaga.    Main characters of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll    Johnny Rock (Denis Leary) was the guiding head of the rock band The Heathens. However, this time is already back 25 years ago. But Johnny has since hardly changed. Its wild setting remains the same - for alcohol and drugs to mention his weakness entirely. Nevertheless, he has taken it into his head to re-awaken The Heathens back to life.    Flash (John Corbett) is one with Johnny the founding members of The Heathens. Due to an eternal dispute, the two now separate paths have taken. While Flash in the 1990s with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Co. was compared, he now works as a studio musician and a commitment as an occasional guest musician was able to secure at the shows by Lady Gaga.    Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) is Johnny's daughter and lead singer of the band The Assassins. That the relationship between Gigi and her father is a highly ambivalent, not to be mentioned - actually exists between the two, only the chaos and the music. Nevertheless find father and daughter over latter activity even in the most difficult situations to each other a resistant wire. (MH)