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Original Title: Sen Anlat Karadeniz
  • Genres:
  • Family
Channel: atv
Creators: Emre Kabakuşak,Osman Sınav,Yusuf Ömer Sınav
Description: In the life of the main character happened all very frustrating for her and about the good life she could only dream of. Her family sold her to a powerful family to marry her off. However, the girl's husband was a tyrant and constantly beat her and mocked her. She has long suffered such an attitude, but when she realized that she was old enough and strong woman and can cope with all the difficulties alone, she takes her son and runs away from home,and the desire to hide from the hated spouse and finally build their own lives, so much so as to feel welcome and beloved woman, as always dreamed of. she manages to face a strong and rather brave man who is able to protect her and even intends to confront the tyrannical wife of a woman. After all, the man was very angry because of such a misdemeanor and he intends at any cost to return the escaped. And it is worth saying all the advantages at the moment is in his hands, because he is rich and he has power. Almost everyone in this city obeys him. How will this story end and will the girl be able to build her happy life or will she die at the hands of her tyrant husband, who intends to force her to obey him?

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