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Original Title: Second Chance
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
Channel: FOX
Creators: Rand Ravich
Language: English
Description: The main character for too many years to he continued to hold the post of local Sheriff. Soon Jimmy Pritchard is released from his post, but not because he is already seventy-five. All business in charges of corruption against what he didn't begin to object, and decided to leave simply the long-term service. Now Jimmy spends a lot of time at home, often drinks and does not know how to cope with the surging depression. The main character has a son Duval, who is an FBI employee. He occasionally visits him to spend time with his grandchildren. One day Pritchard is in his house and witnesses a robbery. A criminal snuck into Duval's office to find some important papers. Faced with an extra witness, the killer decided to destroy Jimmy and threw the old man off the bridge. As a result, he dies, and his loss is mistaken for a suicide attempt. Soon the body finds Jimmy mad scientist Otto Goodwin. He delivers it to his secret lab to try and revive Jimmy. Otto's goal is to find an effective remedy for his sister Mary, who has cancer. And Pritchard from the movie "Second Chance" to watch online will have to help him in this, becoming an unwitting participant in his desperate experiments. Soon his attempts lead him to his first success – Otto not only enlivens Jimmy, but also returns the Sheriff to the state of his youth. Soon after surgery, Jimmy wakes up in his new capacity and realizes that he got a second chance. But unlike Otto, he has no purpose to help Mary, because he needs to find his killer to take revenge on him. In addition, the life of his son in the film "second Chance" in good quality is again in danger, because he does not know the true motives of the appearance of the criminal in the house of Duval. So, the former Sheriff begins his own investigation, but now on his side youth and incredible abilities that he received along with his second chance. But all these possibilities are not endless. To continue to conduct his investigation, he will have to periodically visit the house of the scientist Goodwin to undergo a special procedure. All this will help to solve the main problem in his life, which can cause a mortal threat to his son Duval, because such a chance falls far from every person.

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