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The best seller of Antiques drew Pritchard together with the Discovery channel goes to a very interesting and exciting journey in search of antique valuables. For men, the value is not that the more expensive, the more valuable the object, and that the older, the more valuable this thing. For more than ten years he has been searching for and buying old things, which are subject to a small restoration and sale. Pritchard's collection can be the envy of any Museum, every thing from his collection has its own history of travel in the hands of drew. he collects everything from a broken chair to a crumbling necklace. Many people know about the passion of the young man and are happy to bring him their things. When a man goes on a journey, he goes around all the abandoned and old houses, farms, museums, any stone from this place, for him it is history. He often buys things at a very low price, and later sells them twice as much. Many hunt for this passion, and drew Pritchard has repeatedly become a target of criminals who are willing to do anything for profit. Hunting for old things gets a man in the most complicated stories that can cost him his life. But for the sake of replenishment of the valuable collection it is ready for everything. After all, he has a huge amount of valuable Antiques, unique things that are wanted by many museums and Antiques.