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Life is very hard with unpredictable ending where it is impossible to anticipate all the twists of fate. People try to protect themselves from various emergency situations, but unable to foresee impending events. For security purposes, a person can live in an ultramodern house surrounded by a high fence and Packed with advanced security systems. However, this protection works only against external threats, they find themselves useless against internal anxieties and disappointments. Even between the closest people there are secrets that are carefully hidden. The result of having lived near humans for many years, you may not realize its essence. Tom is a charismatic man, recently survived a serious personal drama. He lost his wife, left a young widower. Despite the tragedy that has occurred, life goes on and now Tom faces a difficult task of educating the younger daughters. Of course man is hard to find a common language with teenagers that seem to inhabit a parallel reality. Single dad understands what is at stake for the girls drenched in cynicism and cruelty of the modern world. Tom is unable to replace the girls mother, children do not hurry to share secrets and personal experiences with him. Father tries to control every step daughters, but keep an eye on teenagers is simply unrealistic. Eldest daughter off at a youth party of a friend, but at the appointed time, not calling my father. Moreover, the girl did not return home. Tom goes to law enforcement bodies, but detectives of the police Department do not show excessive zeal. To understand the police, they rightly believe that the girl is tired from the constant control of the father, so we decided to try the taste of independence. Tom disagrees with the guardians of the law, he knows that with a baby something happened, so decides to undertake his own investigation. A man begins to act according to the standard scheme: a survey of friends and girlfriends, checking of personal pages in social networks. The further the investigation progresses, the more disappointing findings. Tom realizes with horror that absolutely does not know his own daughter. Father gradually finds out details of the life of the missing girl, and float to the surface secrets plunge him into a state of shock.

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