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First, I must warn you. If you're just going to start watching the series Escape, be sure to release a sufficient amount of time. The fact is that the first season (and maybe half of the second) you will most likely look at one go. He's really flawless. Trying to remember at least some disadvantages, I find myself thinking that they are not. If you agree that " Escape from Shawshank” is considered one of the best films of the cinema, then most likely you will agree with my opinion about the first season of “Escape”. This is a bright, well-tailored and thought-out story. But the main advantage here are the characters. None of them will not leave you indifferent. Throughout the film, the characters will cause different emotions: irritation, sympathy, disgust, pride, respect, and sometimes all at the same time. And most of these emotions will cause secondary characters. With the main character Michael Scofield everything is clear: he is positive to the bone and this is boring. During the film he does not commit bad deeds, but if one does, then either accidentally or with the subsequent remorse. But, despite this, it will still be your favorite. The credit here lies on the writers who created a charismatic, intelligent and strong character, and the actor Wentworth Miller, brilliantly brought this image to life. As for the villains, they really succeeded in Escaping every one. Theodore Bagwell, John Abruzzi, Brad Bellick, Paul Kellerman - they are all unique, charismatic and extremely interesting. Truth, writers " Escape” like to do one very nasty thing. When you have absolutely hate any negative character and with all my heart will wish him a speedy punishment for his sins, they will enter the game even more disgusting person, and that lure to the bright side. For many, this will be an interesting character development, but for me it caused only irritation mixed with annoyance.The second season is piled up called “Escape”. It's more like running. All 22 series of six of "Fox river" will run away from the mysterious Company, the police, the FBI and the free bloodhounds, and to fill all this will be agent Alex Mahone, in a remarkable performance of William Fichtner. And if the first season was full of references to the above-mentioned "Shawshank", the second is more like the movie “Fugitive” and the like. But from this it does not become less interesting. Screenwriters still work for glory, pleasing us with interesting turns and unusual metamorphoses of characters. The bad become good, the good become bad, then the bad become even worse, so that in the end all of a sudden to save. Meanwhile, the Almighty Company, as if descended from the pages of comics, continues to add fiction to what is happening. This season would be worth to put a fat point, but the producers decided that the show must go on, because what happened is what happened. The ending of the season turned out blurry and uninteresting, apparently it was hastily finished to tie in with the next series.

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