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Human life is like a book without a title when the inspection cover is impossible to guess the contents. The veneer and respectability of people is often a mask hiding deep emotional wounds and problems. Inner demons sitting deep in the subconscious, but sometimes break out turning life into a surreal nightmare resembling a run in a vicious circle where children's experiences and complexes are intertwined with reality, forcing us to find ways to muffle the incessant mental suffering. Trying to escape from this delirium people will do anything, including the most radical ways of solving problems. Patrick also known as Melrose – the representative of the aristocratic family, grew up in a wealthy and affluent family. At first glance the guy to be envied, because a pedigree is a dream of many. However, within a respectable family reigned complex relationship, therefore, the childhood of a young Merlose can not be called cloudless and carefree. Young Patrick can be roughly partitioned into light and dark moments. The white side of life certainly is the mother who tenderly loved son trying to indulge any desires of the boy. A black stripe is the father, who adhere to severe methods of discipline, sometimes bordering on outright stiffness. Also known as Melrose-senior believed that his son should grow a real man, so tried to prepare him for any life situation. Patrick Frank suffered from such treatment, but to his indignation at the support of the mother he had received. The woman loved my son, but did not prevent the father to be tough in every way concealing it from others. When the parents died, Patrick is left alone with the inner feelings and mental trauma, therefore, fell into a deep depression. The guy tried to stabilize the psycho-emotional state asking for help in specialized clinics, but even advanced treatment methods were powerless. Patrick finds an outlet generating a temporary, but calm in his traumatized soul. He's trying to deal with problems independently with the help of alcohol and drugs, but gradually becomes addicted to these harmful habits. The life of a playboy with aristocratic roots resembles a swamp that sucks him ever deeper destroying consciousness. Now Patrick is trying to fix his warped destiny, but it is not so easy task as it seems at first glance.

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