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Original Title: Outsourced
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Robert Borden
Language: English
Description: Many of us often happened to go somewhere for work. Business trips are different-in the neighboring city, region, country... Some "lucky" to get to the other hemisphere, and even forever. American Todd Dempsey for example, was sent to India. A Seattle-based company doesn't have enough money for development. And in Hindustan people are willing to work for pennies. But how to manage them? In short – the owner just decided to cut all of the staff except for the service Manager, whom is the main protagonist of the series "outsourced". Watching this Comedy is a special pleasure... While in the American office of the call center flying bricks (the last gift of old workers), Dempsey has mastered the new "headquarters of the company"-in the "land of 3 million gods." Much he is not clear. Excessively enthusiastic assistant Rajiv in the first working day made a badge of the chief, a Sikh Gupta glumly looking at all Europeans... the voice of the humble virgin MADI (ideal Indian girls) it is impossible to disassemble. The name of the youngest employee is translated into English as "member" ... todu can not in the presence of new colleagues have a hamburger with beef (cow – a sacred animal). Irish humor is not welcome here either. It's not as bad as it first seems. MADI learns to speak clearly with customers on the phone, and indeed the Indians, is more fun than many Europeans. Fellow countryman and colleague of the protagonist of a competing organization-Charlie Davis-explains how to survive in India, the average American. However, Todd all here comes easier than Charlie. After all, Mr. Dempsey, unlike the latter-a nice kind guy, that is already half Indian ... Enjoy all this intrigue viewers will be during the first season of the online series "Runaway work", and for 22 series you can see how Todd discovers Hindi, Oriental dance and Indian music. And after that, a beautiful resident of Mumbai suddenly wins his heart. Yes, not as American women do, but really, but to have a serious relationship without a warm acquaintance with their parents in India, in fact, is considered a crime. And here is where the Manager begins to miss home ... but feelings for Asha stronger treacherous nostalgia. Watch the series Escaped work in good quality HD for free and believe us, you will like these characters of the series and you will laugh heartily.

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