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In the view of most people, the profession of private detective is shrouded in mystery and not without a certain romanticism. People believe that a large part of his time detectives spend in the dizzying chases, emerged victorious from the melee fights and fleeting skirmishes. Of course, a private detective needs to be swapped handsome with a Hollywood smile that casually, one hand is an expensive car, and the other embracing a seated Radom blonde. This image is inspired by cinema, so meeting with Hercule Poirot, it is unlikely that someone will be able to recognize it as the talented detective which regularly asks the Metropolitan police, faced with another mysterious crime. Poirot immigrant from Belgium. This middle-aged man, with "cat's whiskers" and large bald patches. He's old, which is evident in the style of clothing and way of life, unchanged eyeglasses gives him a confused intellectual that is partly true. Poirot rents a small apartment, which is also a den and office. In General, his image is far from the views of society about a private detective, but unpresentable appearance and ostentatious credulity hides a sharp analytical mind and a cold calculation. Many criminals who have a chance encounter with Poirot, didn't take it seriously until, while their wrists were not locked in handcuffs. The little man follows a very specific manner of investigation, which is often contrary to the canons of forensic science. However, the peculiar methods of criminals invariably give positive results. Of course, Poirot is not working alone. It has a small but proven team, consisting of only two people. Meet Arthur Hastings personal assistant detective, a specialist in car chases, secret surveillance and law enforcement contacts. Poirot often leads to Arthur's spatial dialogues, which celebrate fleeting thoughts and minor details. Miss lemon the Secretary on the shoulders which has all the everyday problems of paying bills before filing a formal tea. She does not participate in investigations, but assists the detective in order to keep their business. Inspector Jell – works in Scotland Yard and do not hesitate to contact Poirot for help in solving complex and complicated crimes, by providing comprehensive support on their part.

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