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Brady Hartfield is a young man who one day finds out about a fatal diagnosis. After this his life changes, but my head is born crazy. Brain tumor does not allow him to live normally, regularly reminding himself of severe headaches. The main character understands that very soon he will not be, so it's time to leave your mark on history, famous in his city. To do this, he chooses an original way, which is associated with the mass murder of people. From that moment on, Brady begins to plan a treacherous crime, which will be a Grand event in his life. Sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes, he goes to the murder and eventually his fault killed 8 people. He crashes into a crowd of people, 15 of whom are victims of a crime of mass scale. Hartfield himself manages to escape, leaving the detectives only smiley face on paper, which decides to make a distinctive sign of his dark tricks. The first case is successful and Brady decides not to stop there. He again comes up with a new plan to kill, want this time to send to the light as much as possible victims. In his case, he will again use a clown mask and this time just try not to leave evidence. Bill Hodges, who is on a well-deserved rest, instantly learns about the crime. A talented police officer retired, but he could not imagine that it was Brady who would force him to return to work. Bill glad such a turn of events, after all recreation proved for him a real torture. He often consumed alcohol, carbonated drinks and regularly absorbed harmful burgers. As a result, the former COP earned depression, weight problems and got addicted to alcohol. As soon as he gets down to business, Hodges begins to realize that Hartfield wants to involve him in his strange game, not to allow to find his real location. So, bill receives a letter in which the offender gives him a painted smiley face and tries to remind him of the case many years ago, which was not completed. The COP has no leads, and Brady's still out there planning more attacks. The criminal has nothing to lose, but the game with the cops captures him so much that he can not stop. Hodges does not have much time to solve the mystery of the maniac and get on his trail before he commits the crime again, using his Mercedes.

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