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  • Genres:
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The focus of the history of the print shop owner Jochen Lehmann, who has been able to conceal his family successful, that their company Walter Stein & Co. is broke in the quiet Bad Nauheim is. However, it is the water gradually to the neck and potential orders be long in coming. The other family members who are struggling with their own problems. Mother Julia uses the lunch breaks for clandestine meetings with her lover Rolf "The Wolf" Dannenberg, son Vincent is in the midst of puberty and is concerned principally with himself, while his sister Laura has a crush on the school swarm Tobi and is planning her first time. Only the small Nadine seems to have no worries.    In his blind desperation desperate Jochen makes a momentous decision. He throws the unused presses and produced in a cloak-and-dagger operation, counterfeit money, which he after the initial inhibitions have fallen, brings into circulation. When the first wrong fifties are once flowed into the economic cycle, the offense will not remain unnoticed. Inexorably the Lehmann family is drawn into a vortex of criminal activities.    Main characters of the morning I hear aufJochen Lehmann (Bastian Pastewka) slips into a deep crisis, when he noticed that all accounts are locked and he can not even pay the 15 euros for the full tank of his car. In order to save his family from the plight of the hitherto innocent man dares to step into the crime and begins with the production of counterfeit money.    Julia Lehmann (Susanne Wolff) knew so far nothing of the dark clouds, which contract with the family. She worked in a fashion store and manages successfully to keep their affair before her husband Jochen and their three children to a secret    Vincent Lehmann (Moritz Jahn), the eldest offspring of Lehmann, is in the midst of puberty. With the rest of the family he would currently have as little as possible to do and spend his time better with video games and at parties.    Laura Lehmann (Janina Fautz) is busy trying to make their flock Tobi attention to themselves and to plan their first time. Of the impending disaster, has no idea.    Other roles include Catherine Kron be seen as a baby of Nadine Lehmann, Torben Liebrecht as Rolf "The Wolf" Dannenberg, Georg Friedrich Damir Decker and Uwe Preuss as Werner Tauchert. (JB)