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This film is more built on computer graphics. After all, it is mainly characters are huge animals: a huge bird with a huge beak can immediately swallow a horse, and small animals swallow like seeds. Or monsters that have jaws two meters long, a double row of teeth and a bad character. The film is based on the fact that to show the audience the lives of these monsters and what would happen if they lived in our time. The whole film is divided into six episodes, each of which tells about one monster. what happens if we have a giant bird on earth. She swallows her prey whole. And can also knock out the brains with a single blow. Then a Tyrannosaurus Rex living in the depths of the seas. He could have lunch a huge shark, because his jaws are adapted for large meals. A hundred million years ago on earth lived a dinosaur, which is considered a killer. He was the size of a very large and he had no equal. Then the bear-dog. She lived over five million years ago. And was stronger than a wild boar. Acrocanthosaurus were such feet, that they he killed his victim, which was several times more of it. And a lizard about five and a half meters long. It had poisonous teeth, was the largest the size of a reptile.

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