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Lost 'original version, "Lost" Spanish version, is a series created by Abrams (' Person of Interest ',' Alcatraz ', Alias, Felicity), Jeffrey Lieber (' Miami Medical) and Damon Lindelof ( 'once upon a time', 'Cowboys & amp; Aliens', 'Star Trek') and developed mostly by the latter with Carlton Cuse ( 'the adventures of Brisco County Jr.' 'Nash Bridges' ). The story takes us to an island paradise, located in the South Pacific where, after a plane crash, a group of survivors waiting to be rescued and resist their daily lives as castaways. Who stands as leader of these survivors is Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox 'Party of Five', 'In the spotlight', 'Are Marshall), a doctor with a great sense of responsibility and whose sole purpose is to preserve the good of the group and get them to be rescued anyway. The enigmatic John Locke (Terry O '- among survivors brave and yet rebellious Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly' The Hobbit '), impulsive and king of sarcasm Sawyer (Josh Holloway' Ghost Protocol Mission: Impossible ') is also Quinn 'Alias', 'Hawaii 5-0') and the big man and naive Hurley (Jorge Garcia 'Alcatraz', 'Becker'). in his early days on the island the group will realize that they have not gone to a place as any. Inexplicable and mysterious facts are intertwined with the stories of the characters, whose very different ways of being will make disagree on how to carry survival. Some show more curiosity about the phenomena that occur while others simply cross your fingers to be rescued as soon as possible. In each chapter, as well as what happens on the island, we resort to the technique of flashback to delve into the past of the characters thus allowing understand the whys of their actions, decisions and way of being.