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  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: A&E
Creators: Leah Remini
Language: English
Description: In an instant, human life is threatened with extinction due to the increased number of natural disasters. The world began to spread deadly epidemics, meteor showers, terrible hurricanes and devastating earthquakes. Experts can not draw conclusions and simply trying to wait out the impending Apocalypse on Earth. No one knows where it all began and has no idea what can lead to a sudden riot of nature. Meanwhile, news services are already beginning to report the first victims of the mysterious element, which sweeps away everything in its path. Because of the solar storm, about two million people are forced to leave their homes and move to safer areas. While the government does not give any forecasts, the main characters have time to calmly collect their belongings. But very soon everything will change, because the earth begins to panic among the population, which has nowhere to run from the impending end of the world. Joshua Copeland is a Professor who lectures at the University and knows a lot about the culture of the peoples of the world. Over the years, he studied the history of the emergence and development of ancient civilizations, and now may well witness their complete destruction. After all, the news vying to report about the cataclysms taking place in different cities of the United States, and Joshua does not know how to protect his large family from the impending storm of unpredictable events. His wife Karen does not need excessive care. In the past, she was a military pilot of the air force, learned to survive alone in the wild, and now tries to pass on their knowledge to children. Together with Joshua, they raise briana, Dana and Matt. Briana with This are in a transitional age and least interested in what is happening, preferring to think about their love experiences. Matt hoped to make a sports career, but because of the injury can not realize his dream. Karen Copeland offers him to follow in her footsteps, but the dreams of the main character will not come true. The world has changed, besides all that is happening is beginning to acquire a mystical character. One of the daughters Karen and Josh suddenly disappears and the whole family goes in search of her. Among the General chaos and uncertainty, they will have to do everything possible to not only find the girl, but also to understand what is happening.

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