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The plot of the water memory is set in the Isabella a thermal spa built in 1826, flooded in 1955 and thereafter covered by marsh Buendía. The story is divided into two frames, each in an era distinta.A early twentieth century, the spa is a chic and cheerful, full of luxuries and firm example of the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties place. During the day great feasts are held, attended by the most distinguished of Spanish and European society people, and his fame spreads paradise on earth. However, everything changes when a bather turns up dead. From that moment, the spa but will change forever. Just a detective who is passing through the spa will investigate the causes of death and unravel the verdad.Durante the Civil War, the spa has ceased to be a wonderful and elegant place. Now, in the ruins of the majestic building is a psychiatric hospital where nothing is what it seems. Patients are locked up against their will, and they should be conventional treatments have become dark experiments and macabros.¿Qué kept secrets Isabela? What secrets were lost when the resort was submerged forever by the waters of the Buendia?