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The series "John Adams" is based on real events, and tells the viewer the story of the life of a prominent politician. The film is based on the formation of John Adams, who went from Boston lawyer to the President of the United States of America. John Adams is an ordinary lawyer who lives in Boston and conducts a small private practice. A key event that played an important role in the life of a lawyer was an armed clash between British soldiers and local residents. The cause of the conflict was taxation, which provoked a riot among the civilian population. The result of the collision was deplorable: dead and wounded, mostly unarmed citizens of the metropolis. The case of the riots was considered in court, according to the prosecution, the culprit of the tragedy was captain Preston, he ordered the soldiers to shoot at civilians. Adams, who by chance witnessed the tragic events, unconditionally takes the side of the military, and undertakes to represent their interests during the trial. To the surprise of many, little-known lawyer fails to drop charges against the soldier, thereby increasing its credibility in the political circles of the metropolis. On the wave of success, John receives two advantageous offers at once: a position in local administration or to represent political interests of Patriotic party which fights for independence. However, the lawyer is indifferent to political games, he wants to devote his life to the service of Themis, but the tense political situation literally forced Adams to make a decision. So the lawyer becomes representative of the interests of the colony in Congress. Having started his political career, John Adams met with all prominent figures. Therefore, when George Washington became the first President of the United States in 1789, John Adams held an equally honorable position as Vice President. After the death of Washington (1799), Adams served as head of government, writing himself into history as the second President of the United States. Adams runs the state until 1801, then surrenders the reins to Thomas Jefferson, and leaves the political arena after spending the rest of his days on his farm in Quincy. The series "John Adams" tells not only about a prominent political figure. This is a story about a man who founded a real political dynasty. The film tells about John's relationship with his wife Abigail: they lived 54 years in marriage, showing the world the most vivid love affair of the time.

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