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Original Title: How the Universe Works
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Discovery,Science
Language: English
Description: Space is so large and multifaceted that it is completely impossible to study it. The more scientists make discoveries, the more questions they have. You can admire the scale of space endlessly, but the documentary series called Discovery: how the universe works, offers the audience to go on an exciting journey and independently reveal many secrets shocking secrets of the world around us. Our star, the sun is the basis of all living things. Without light, there would be nothing that surrounds us, not even humanity itself. Therefore, it is with this mystery and will begin a great study of the Universe. Viewers will begin their journey from the Sun's interior, and controlled all the way to the tiny specks of light, which received the name photon. The distance that he has to overcome is simply incredible. From its unique birth in the solar core to the separation from the surface. The fire sphere is too bright for the naked eye. However, if you look deeper, you can see the true nature of the sun. In fact, it is a giant ball consisting of hot gas. In addition, it is the largest object of the solar system. The sun can be called a caring parent who provides their children-the planet with everything they need.

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