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Original Title: Hellfjord
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NRK1
Description: In the series "Hell fjord" it all starts with an unusual situation when a former Pakistani working in the police have to do the right thing, in the truest sense of the word. And in an unusual way, because of this, his daughter Gunnar first feels bad, and then rushes to the roadway, which makes him think. But everything was quite simple, because according to the laws of Norway, a police officer is obliged to kill an animal if it suffers, which is no problem and created the main character of the series "Infernal fjord". That's just the way he created this extraordinary mockery of our smaller brethren, it's a little different question. At first he thought that it would be enough to shoot through the neck of the animal, but the neighing of the horse shook his mental state, after which the police released his entire clip directly into the head of the poor horse. But this was not enough, and the hero continued to hear the frightening sounds of horse neigh everywhere. Therefore, he has no choice but to finish off the horse with the surrounding objects, and he decides to make it a tuba, passing by the musician, but even after that, the sounds still pass echoes in his head, why he decides to move the poor animal with the help of a car. And it seems to be, in itself, the situation is not pleasant, but not something out of the ordinary, and not the worst that could happen to the police, if... it all did not happen in front of thousands of spectators during independence day. Perhaps, more unlucky police officer, after that, it is worth looking for still. And that's what the series tells about the life of a simple policeman, who was sent for a couple of months in a small town called The infernal Fjord, before completely firing him from the governing bodies. There, the hero will go through hundreds of hours of unusual adventures, and with it the audience of the series. After all these events, moving to a new city, where everything should be quiet and calm, it seems to the hero a ticket to a new life, but he does not even imagine what kind of adventure it will turn out in reality... what is waiting for him, and what is worth preparing the audience for in fact, a Comedy or tragedy? If you have been looking for an unusual series with nice characters, addictive storyline, and a touch of European humor, then this is exactly what you need. Well, the most pleasant, like a cherry on the cake, will be of course the atmosphere.

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