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Original Title: Hard Sun
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Neil Cross
Language: English
Description: The modern world is a highly developed and civilized society, which exists in a limited information space. Despite the loud slogans about freedom of speech and independence of all mass media dependent on the ruling elite power. Government leaders decide what you need to know to the electorate that the nation was in subjection, while continuing to consider themselves free and independent. We can only guess what hides behind the various governments from the public. Two detectives accidentally managed to touch those who wear the proud title of "state secret". Now familiar world is completely turned upside down, and life in mortal danger. UK, London, today. Robert Hicks – detective of the London police to get acquainted with your new partner and not feel delight of meeting. He will have to work with a woman – Elaine Renko, who recently was released from the hospital, where he passed a course of rehabilitation after trauma. She was severely beaten by his own son and it's not the best way reflected on the character. In addition Alain pathologically honest and always strictly follows the letter of the law. Detective Hicks is the complete opposite of her companion. A man sees the police service as a great source of income, never refusing bribes and the opportunity to earn an extra pound. In this case, Robert is a great family man and that love for spouse and children trying to explain their numerous bribes. Of course, partners not fully understanding, but after the assignment they have to stick together. Detectives Hicks and Renko, instruct the surveillance of the hacker, who according to authorities has very valuable information that should not fall to outsiders. However, the object dies and the partners have to deal with the murder investigation. The boss suddenly changes course and highly recommends this business. Quite by accident, Robert and Elaine find the drive previously owned by a deceased hacker. Partners believe that there is information which will help to trace the killers. However, the material which is contained on digital media plunges the detectives into shock. It turns out that just in 5 years Earth will be destroyed by a powerful ejection of solar energy. Information checked and devalue everything at all cost to live.

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