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We must not forget that "Futurama" -it is also fantastic and funny humor. Consisting of sufficient sharp satire. Subtle jokes on topics close to physics, mathematics and programming (not for nothing because David Cohen is a master of computer technology, and the other author – Ken Keeler, and generally received a doctorate for his work in applied mathematics). GEG, beating below the belt, hints of famous science fiction myths and events of the 20th century, parodies of famous movies and TV series, and many different jokes and funny situations, because of which you will laugh to tears and Bang your head against all the nearby hard surfaces. And finally, "Futurama" -this is a completely fantastic set of the most colorful characters that ever came out from under the brush of the cartoonist. But everything in order. A few words about the plot. It all starts with the fact that a simple pizza man named Philip J. fry, who lives in new York in the very end of the twentieth century, by chance, caused by his impenetrable everyday stupidity, falls into a cryogenic chamber and remains in the form of a frozen icicle for a thousand years. When it finally thawed, fry realized that he found himself in a completely different time! In the thirtieth century on the site of new York is already built new York, the Earth has survived global warming, and nuclear winter. Flying into space has become as mundane as taking a taxi to grandma's suburb, and intelligent robots and aliens have become as familiar as Japanese tourists at every point of the globe in the twentieth century. And everything else has changed very little. There are still standard problems, such as ecology, bureaucracy, crime (mafia clans are now created mainly by robots) and racial prejudice (mutants, for example, hide from the world in sewers, and unemployed cyborgs do not want to do anything and live on benefits in the ghetto). TV is overflowing with ads, Internet pornography did not disappear, the fascination with alcohol and drugs.... In General, fry from the past may well here feel completely at home. Especially because the beautiful Leela, the inspector for the introduction of chips that determine the profession of earth citizens, is going to send him to the same boring post of courier, which fed up with fry in the twentieth century. So he escapes, gets acquainted with the robot Bender, and somehow suddenly the trio of fry-Bender-Leela begin to work in the company "Interplanetary Express", owned by the only living relative of the guest from the past-the genius and crazy Hubert Farnsworth. Leela, as a certified pilot, becomes the commander of the ship, Bender gets the role of chef, well, fry gets the position ... courier. The creators of the series "Futurama" are not even going to challenge the thesis "you will not leave fate!". And then – then the adventures begin. Professor Farnsworth sends his subordinates in a variety of missions that will be dangerous, stupid, and most importantly, incredibly funny! In addition to tasks for the extraction and delivery of the most necessary goods in the Galaxy, the employees of the company "Interplanetary Express" will have to repeatedly save the world from both external threats and from themselves. Especially often the planet will be threatened by Farnsworth's insane experiments and Bender's huge robot ego.

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