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The series begins with an episode of tragic and inexplicable death from the mysterious virus of all the passengers of the plane, who sat in Boston's Logan airport. The investigation of this mystical case at the climax interrupts the tragic death of John Scott. Having lost her beloved man and partner, Olivia finds the strength to continue the work that brings her to two very extraordinary personalities. Dr. Walter Bishop is one of the most brilliant scientists of his time. Working with 70's over secret government projects in Boston University, he committed a range of fundamental discoveries in various areas "science on the brink of" (fringe science), in including highly disputed with ethical perspective. The brilliant career of the scientist was interrupted by a sudden nervous breakdown, after which he was in a psychiatric hospital, and the results of his work have sunk into oblivion. Dr. Walter Bishop (John noble, known for his role as Danetora of the Lord of the Rings), whose research has been linked to the most inexplicable phenomena and phenomena of nature – the only person able to shed light on the investigation of agent Dunham. But, years to come, conducted in hospital, have left on genius mind deep scars. And Olivia was forced to ask for help from the son of Walter Peter (Joshua Jackson) – a young adventurer with brilliant scientific and analytical abilities and tendencies to break the law. Together they form a team "beyond", which gives the FBI special powers to investigate a chain of dramatic events, centered around the results of long-standing work of Professor Bishop and the activities of mega-Corporation massive dynamic, led by former colleague Walter William bell. Executive producer JJ Abrams, known to the audience as the Creator of the cult show "Stay alive", the series "Spy" and the blockbuster "Mission impossible 3", in his new creation again entered the fertile ground of the genre si-fi, which brought him once fame. The idea to combine dynamic detective investigations in the style of " csi "with paranormal adventures in the spirit of" Secret materials "and" Twilight zone", linking it all with the theories of the global conspiracy, provided the creators of the series a fairly wide audience and close attention. The series (on whose plot the team of writers of "Star trek" and "Transformers" worked) was able to fully meet the high expectations of fans of the genre and fans of Abrams. From the first scene, the viewer will be drawn into a dizzying maelstrom of incredible incidents (from the transformation of the whole bus into an amber trap for its passengers to the collision of heroes with werewolf soldiers from a parallel world), the disclosure of which avalanches entails a chain of new, even more mysterious consequences. It is worth noting the role, that the authors receives more superficial treatment "science on the brink of", which gave him name. In series science serves not only, as the reason and way to committing crimes, but and, as the most effective, sometimes the only way to their disclosure and prevent demise many innocent people. For this reason, Olivia and Peter often voluntarily agree to become objects of Walter's risky experiments, allowing themselves to be connected to unstable mechanisms or taking strong doses of hallucinogens in an attempt to find the truth.

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