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Paul Atreides was able to survive the destruction of his family removed from power by the clan Harkonnen. Together with his mother, he finds refuge among the nomadic people of Freeman, who accept him for the hero of an ancient prophecy by the name Muad'dib. The fugitive is not going to forgive the killers of his family, so Harkonnen and declares to the Emperor the true meaning of Jihad. The planet Arrakis is transformed into the epicenter of an intergalactic war, but Paul and his companions were victorious. The guy declares himself ruler of the Empire and his own authority transferred the capital of the Dune. He urgently needs to strengthen his rather shaky political situation and the way out is marriage with Irulan Corrino – daughter of the overthrown ruler. In the inhabited galaxy there will be peace for the sake of which was destroyed nearly 60 billion people. Is 12 years of reign of Emperor Paul Atreides, whose closest associates continue to call Muad'dib. Wife Irulan, who helped Paul to strengthen his power he was not interested, so the woman is in the Palace in the status of powerless slaves. The Emperor prefers to spend time in the company of his beloved concubine Chani, who is awaiting the birth of a child. Paul wants to turn a lifeless Dune into a flourishing garden, but it is constantly haunted by visions as a warning of impending danger. The Emperor did not assume that past 12 years of war has destroyed not all of the worst enemies. The last members of the clan, Harkonnen prepare a sophisticated plan of revenge, entered into an agreement with the powerful race of the Tleilaxu, which uses to achieve its goals, an unusual mutant capable of taking any guise. Tleilaxu create an exact copy of the mentor's Gender, Idaho, who died at the hands of Harkonnen. Cultured creature is an exact copy of the killed friend and teacher, imitating his style of communication and personality traits. The Emperor allows the clone to live in the Palace, despite clearly expressed dissatisfaction with his court. A significant event is happening: Paul is born two heirs, who can continue his father's work and will transform the desert planet into a blooming garden. But Chaney does not stand up and the woman dies in childbirth. Floor heart is torn with grief and he's old habit of trying to find consolation with a mentor. When the Emperor says a word about the death of a concubine in the brain of Idaho is activated the program laid by his Tleilaxu creators.

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