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The price of freedom, based on the memoirs of Basque politician Mario Onaindía, of the same title, is a miniseries set in the 60s, 70s and 80s who narrates the admission of political ETA, his conviction, and his subsequent struggle for abandonment of armed struggle and the dissolution of the terrorist group that once belonged, and the problems that you causó.La story begins in 1966, during the last decade of the Franco dictatorship. Mario Onaindía (Quim Gutiérrez, The Last Days), a member of the clandestine Basque Nationalist Party, he joined the group called Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, fighting for Basque independence. However, his political career is truncated channeled when stopped at a safehouse in Bilbao, three years later. Accused of terrorism, banditry, social subversion and assassination of Meliton Apples commissioner, Mario will be sentenced to death penalty in the Process of Burgos. However, he survives the sentence in exchange for being locked up for vida.Tras Franco's death and the release of all political prisoners, Mario will become a new member of ETA, which is increasingly divided. While a minority (the Milis) advocates armed struggle, which they say will only to be heard, others (polimilis) begin to consider that the best is the political legality. Onaindía then he begins a struggle for the defense of legality and finish convincing polimilis to lay down their arms, even knowing that it will face openly with peers and you can get hurt.