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Dr. Gretchen Haase (Diana Amft), the heroine of Doctor's Diary, knows exactly what she wants: a career, are slim and before her 30th birthday to find the man for life. But it happens in life always different. Gretchen is far from perfect and has problems not only with men but also with her own weight. Before her marriage to a pediatrician caught it with his assistant, she feels too fat and a career-it runs not so good. So she starts a new life and works as an assistant doctor at the hospital her father (Peter Prager), a professor of surgery.    Here she meets her former school friend Dr. Marc Meier (Florian David Fitz) again, in which she is unlucky in love since her childhood, she has but even then ignored. He is the senior physician of the station, not just treated his fellow sensitive, is arrogant and has a heightened ego. Despite all these bad qualities Gretchen can not get away from him. But Marc Meier is not the only Prince Charming at the hospital, even gynecologist Dr. Kaan (Kai Schumann) has Dr. Gretchen Haase done it.    Main Characters from Doctor's Diary    Dr. Margarethe 'Gretchen' Haase (Diana Amft) will soon be 30 years old and has not yet reached a lot. Although she is a successful doctor, but disappointment in love tug at her heart. With her figure she is not satisfied and chocolate is their daily bread. Since her school days she suffers from unrequited love for Marc Meier, who has it but did not really taken into account and does even now only funny about her weight. But Gretchen continues to hope that behind his hard facade maybe there's a soft heart, that she might one day love.    Dr. Marc Meier (Florian David Fitz) is the head doctor of surgery at the hospital and thus Gretchen's boss. He is successful and his work is doing about everything. But he is quite insensitive both to the patients as well as to Gretchen. It sometimes seems as if Marc have no heart and Gretchen is actually not his type. Nevertheless, the blonde doctor anything that Marc does not let go.    Dr. Mehdi Kaan (Kai Schumann) is Oberarzt gynecology. He is the doctor, the women trust and who always has a handkerchief. But as a single parent of a six-year-old daughter he has not just there. He falls in love with Gretchen and Gretchen does not seem averse to were it not for this dark cloud, and a mystery that always accompanied Mehdi.    Sister Sabine Vogler (Annette Strasser) is sister in the hospital and befriends equal with Gretchen on. Sister Sabine often seems strange and distant and is ridiculed by most of their colleagues only. She reads passionate dime novels of the author Elke Fisher.    Sister Gabi Kragenow (Laura Osswald) supported as sister mostly Mehdi Kaan in gynecology. She is also in love with Marc Meier and has a Affäfe with him. When she realizes that Marc Gretchen makes from time to beautiful eyes, she sees her rival in her and hatches a nasty plan.    Bärbel Haase (Ursela Monn) is Gretchen's mother. She then sacrificed everything for her husband and dropped out to be full-time housewife and mother. For Gretchen she wanted that kind of life, because of career women it is unimpressed. When she discovers that her husband is cheating on her, she decides to take matters into their own hands.    Franz Haase (Peter Prager) is Gretchen's father and chief of surgery at the hospital. Unlike his wife, he is thrilled that Gretchen now wants to make its specialist. For years he has several extramarital affairs and no idea that his wife knew about each decision.    Background information on Doctor's Diary    Doctor's Diary is produced for RTL by the company Poly and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. was filmed the first season from August to December 2007, 55 original locations in Berlin. Since 23 June 2008, the series was broadcast in Germany and Austria for the first time.    Among viewers grew slowly at first, interest, now Doctor's Diary has in the viewers under 30, with a market share up to 50 percent and is one of the most successful German series in recent years. Nevertheless, the series was canceled after the third season, as all parties were involved in other projects. 2011 announced author Bora Dagtekin that he would not be averse to make a movie out of the story of Gretchen and Marc.    Doctor's Diary won the German Television Award and the German Comedy Award of 2008. 2009 Adolf Grimme Prize and the Bavarian Television Award were added. During the three seasons of Doctor's Diary several well-known German actors had guest appearances such as Nora Tschirner and Günther Jauch. In addition, some actors appeared, which previously made famous by the series Turkish for Beginners how Elyas M'Barek, Arnel Taci, Josefine Preuss and Pegah Ferydoni.