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Original Title: Dimension 404
Channel: Hulu
Creators: Will Campos,Desmond Dolly
Language: English
Description: Somewhere among the lost depths of cyberspace called the Internet, there is another dimension in which real magic happens and genuine horror is happening. Hardly a person should be in the world wide web, as it immediately absorbs the electronic community, filled with the most incredible characters. Trying to make their lives easier through the use of hundreds of different applications, people become hostages of the world wide web. Once in these networks, their life ceases to be property and becomes available to another dimension. In one of the cozy Brooklyn café one day the two meet. He is the host of the popular music blog Adam, who came on a first date with a girl who doesn't seem to like him at all. Soon they realize that they will not succeed and part. All would be nothing, but that's just the main character of the series "Dimension 404" look in good quality has already managed to get acquainted with a good half of the fair sex, none of which is destined to become his girlfriend. Adam is a proponent of meetings that should happen in real life, not on social media. And one day a friend invites him to pay attention to the acquaintance on the Internet. The main character is not sure that this is where you can find your second half, because it is unlikely that the computer can choose the right girl for him, which would suit him. But a little thought, he agrees to check and this option. By registering on a Dating site, Adam fills out his profile, begins the search and soon the program gives him the result. His companion, which is perfect for him, is a girl named Amanda. She is attractive, young and has a tattoo of a bird on her hand. Soon, she's Dating the main character of the TV series "Dimension 404" watch online and both meet in a nightclub. After a fascinating conversation, he begins to realize that he found the one with whom he is ready to live the rest of his life, because they have so much in common. Lovers begin to meet, but one day everything turns upside down. The main character becomes a member of some strange experiment in which he no longer manages his life as it was before. It seems that the 404 dimension, which the main character recently decided to contact, has made it part of a dark story.

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