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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
To observe how Dexter again and again comes out clean of any scrapes, initially, quite interesting. In the first season you obviously worry about the protagonist and sincerely hope that he was not caught. Still, because the first season is based on the book by Jeffrey Lindsay “Sleeping demon Dexter.” This implies a great story, an interesting antagonist and non-banal ending. However, from the second season the relationship with the literary source is completely lost. By the middle of season two, You start to notice that thanks to the writers, Dexter was clearly born in a shirt, with a silver spoon in his mouth and a rabbit's foot in his bosom. Understandably, neither to arrest nor kill Dexter can not be, otherwise will have to close the series, but to solve just any problem is not serious. Almost every series ends with a claim to Dexter's future problems, and in the next series these problems are either forgotten or solved in the most banal way. Someone might call it intrigue. But for me here intrigue as when waiting for the tram. By the end of the fourth season, it starts to get very annoying. Fortunately if you sympathize with Dexter, but if you suddenly took him for a negative character and think that the prison is crying for him, then You have a big problem. Almost every episode You'll watch as Dexter with a smug face finds a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. The only joy for such people, perhaps, will be the end of the fourth season, which will remind Dexter that for all sooner or later will have to pay. However, judging by the first series of the fifth season, the authors returned to the old scheme. It should be noted that a minus I think it is not the impunity of the protagonist, and the weakness of the plot. If you can come up with the most banal and easy solution to the problem, you can be sure that it will be so.But, despite this disadvantage (for many it is a minus-it will not), watching need. First, it is a wonderful Thriller in the best traditions of the movie “Seven”. Secondly, it's interesting characters and great acting. Why are only a pervert Masuka or materinity Debra. And maniac Trinity played by the brilliant John Lithgow is simply unmatched. It is very interesting to see how the cheerful alien from the “Third planet from the sun” so convincingly plays the murderer of the psychopath. Third, it's a pretty strong plot. Despite my small complaints, overall the plot is very interesting to follow. There is a small slack in the third season, but still the series looks at one go. And it does not matter whether you share Dexter's methods or not - you will still worry about the characters and crave continuation. What else do you need from a good series like no desire to watch the next series?

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