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Original Title: Deep State
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Fox
Creators: Matthew Parkhill,Simon Maxwell
Language: English
Description: Mark strong in a harsh Thriller drama about global spy conspiracies, the terrorist threat, the geopolitical confrontation between the British and American intelligence services, as well as the actual theme of the shadow government within each powerful state.a Family man with a dark past is forced to return to espionage again for a final mission that will prove so complex and unpredictable that it will put at stake not only the professional honor of the spy, but also the safety of his family.after the experienced special agent Max Easton rendered invaluable service to the British crown, he had to pack suitcases and hastily leave the Homeland. Ten years after the last feat, which split the heroic biography in two, the veteran lives in France, enjoys a quiet life together with his beloved wife and two wonderful daughters. One day a man from the past appears in the house and tells a retired spy that his son from his first marriage followed in the footsteps of his father and got into big trouble in the middle East. to impress a parent who found another family and a peaceful profession, young Harry went into spies and took on the most difficult mission, which almost ended fatally for an inexperienced agent. Now only his father is able to save the situation, for which the veteran will have to shake off the rust, take up arms and go to the distant inhospitable Iraq, where the intelligence services of Western States, local law enforcement agencies, agents of international criminal syndicates came together in an aggressive confrontation for the possession of resources and political superiority in the region.

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