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In the series "Deception", which you can watch online, the whole action begins quite unusual. The fact that the die is still quite a young girl, which turns out to be a wealthy heiress, one of the richest clans in the world called Bowery. She dies under rather mysterious circumstances that makes the police and everyone around suspect in this case murder. But then, whoever was the person who killed her, he is extremely smart and very dangerous, because all the circumstances are arranged so that the girl died of her own will. And then comes into play Joanna Locasto, a local detective who puts on the case chief. This high-profile crime promises her a good career advancement, as well as quite a lot of popularity. However, it has a personal motive, because the heroine once the daughter of the former maid of this family, and the young heir was personally known to us and even more than that, a long time ago they were best friends. So Joanna as no one needs to find the main answer, who and for what killed so dear to her man, because without him she will lose part of himself. But to solve this unusual and very dangerous thing, Joanna will have to sweat a lot and even risk their lives. The girl decides that in order to learn all the secrets of this family, you need to become one of them and the heroine of the series "Deception" have to try on the skin of one of the family members. So how will the heroine be able to unravel this mystery? And how much is hidden behind the guise of a seemingly close-knit family? In order to find out all this, the heroine changes her name and at the time of the distribution of the inheritance she becomes one of this vicious family, but she receives much more revelations than she expected. She has to look at all members of the clan under a completely new and unexpected angle and it is not always positive. However, in order to find the killer and to avenge the death of a friend, she is ready for a lot! But the simple fact that she was counting on turns out to be much more complicated than one would assume. So how to behave, being in this hive? Joanna has to fend off all those who crave this inheritance, but it does not become her biggest problem when it turns out that the killer is still inside the clan and if it is not stopped, it can cause much more harm. Watch the series Deception in good quality to the end and you will find out who really was a murderer and what intentions inspired him to a brutal crime against the Bowers family.