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United States of America – a country that is positioning itself as the Bastion of world democracy, constantly provoking wars for the greater good and equality. In this case forget the caravans of slave owners in African countries, almost completely exterminated and driven into reservations by the Indians. Many look with envy at the US, hoping to join the perfect model society. However, this culture literally rejects any foreign body, continuing to stew in the cauldron of equality and democracy. Of course, this did not start today. Internal conflicts were brewing in the country for a long time and in the early 60-ies of the last century, the steam of this boiling pot spilled out. The country is thinly veiled chaos. America recently began the war in Vietnam, hoping to demonstrate to the world the victory over the sprouts of communism. However, entrenched in the jungle the guerrillas are not going to give up, all the forces resisting the capitalist system. Thousands of American boys returning home in coffins, wrapped in national flag. These echoes of a distant war, could not leave the public indifferent, so across the country break out of spontaneous protests, sometimes ending in violent clashes with the police. Sedate married couple never been interested in politics, learning the news only from TV reports. Older people like an old man grumbling, cursing the government made a wrong political course. In addition, the pensioners expressed dissatisfaction with the younger generation, calling himself a hippie and prefer the work of a blissful doing nothing. The couple did not even suggest that letting the house the intruder will soon be in the maelstrom of political intrigue. The girl calls herself Sidney – she's a charming blonde, all the activist social movements that are able to draw imagination. She asks to the old man with the only purpose: to avoid prosecution of the police for another move. In the person of retired girl finds an appreciative audience, from broadcast to social inequality and other Patriotic slogans. Gradually, her political preaching begins to be popular among the neighbors. Comely old lady spellbound listening to the young leader, willing to follow her into fire and water.

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