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Cracked moves between the genre of thriller and drama. The Canadian series from CBC tells of a special unit, which specializes mainly on violent crime. Here, primarily the psychiatric background of the crime plays a major role. Not least because in these cases the use of the perpetrators is a special one. Psych Crimes Unit, this special unit of the police department of Toronto calls. The psychiatrist Dr. Danielle Ridley (Stefanie von Pfetten) and the policeman (Aiden Black (David Sutcliffe) act as a guiding force of the department and as proper professionals in their profession known. Together with her very talented team it is their ultimate goal, the city's population before to protect the disturbing crimes emotionally disturbed people. at best, it is important to prevent selbige before they can happen at all.    Main characters of Cracked    Aiden Black (David Sutcliffe) is a detective and head of a SWAT team, with whom he is going consistently against organized crime in the city. Aiden has already gained a lot of experience in his profession. When he does, however, shot two people in action and then suffered a nervous breakdown, he had to change departments. Now he runs together with Dr. Daniella Ridley the Psych Crimes Unit, although at first he may suffer his new partner barely.    Dr. Daniella Ridley (Stefanie von Pfetten) worked as a respected psychiatrist in a renowned hospital in the city. Nevertheless, she quit her job to build the Psych Crimes Unit with. Together with their new colleagues Aiden Black tries to stem the ambitious undertaking. In addition, she was commissioned by their superiors, Inscepctor Caligra order to keep Aiden Black because of his unstable health condition in mind.    Poppy Wisnefski (Luisa D'Oliveira) is in its capacity as a member of the Detective Psych Crimes Unit and will climb in the fight against crime in the footsteps of their father, who was also a policeman. Poppy is still very young. At the same time it is characterized by their ambition and their humorous tone.    Leo Beckett (Dayo Ade) acts as a second Psychology in Psych Crimes Unit. Just as Daniella Ridley previously worked in a hospital and could therefore gain a lot of experience for his current work. In addition to his unlimited knowledge Leo stands out for another property from the team: Few things can bring him out of the rest.    Diane Caligra (Karen LeBlanc) has available the title Inspector on their police badge. She is the head of Psych Crimes Unit and thus the supervisors of Aiden Black and Daniella Ridley. Diane has worked for many years with Aiden Black and therefore knows that he is one of the best police officers in his field. At the same time she's worried about his mental state.    Background information on Cracked    The television series Cracked celebrated on January 8, 2013 CBC premiered. In October 2011 David Sutcliffe and Stefanie purlins were occupied with the lead roles. In May 2012, CBC ordered the first season of a satisfactory test run of the pilot episode. It comprises a total of 13 episodes. The shooting of Cracked mainly took place in Toronto. When the series was renewed for a second season, CBC had announced that Stefanie purlins will henceforth no longer belong to the cast. Instead, now occupies Brooke Nevin her part in the ensemble. Due to the disproportionate budget in view of the audience fell Cracked radical cost-cutting measures by CBC victim in March, 2014. (MH)