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In the distant future, even the most powerful world powers could not withstand the onslaught of the natural disaster, which forced them to be on the brink of death. The abrupt climate change has led to a great famine, which has caused the rapid collapse of all established systems. Humanity was on the verge of extinction and then rule the world became transnational corporations. First, they seized new territories, and then declared war for natural resources and the entire world market. Those who fully comply with the requirements of corporate rules, have the opportunity to live in green areas, which are regularly supplied with everything necessary for normal human life. The Corporation is able to catch any of its employees in the concealment of important information and strictly controls the birth rate, issuing limited permits for the birth of children. Outside these borders are the so-called red zones, where people are fighting an endless struggle for survival. Of the city more resemble the ruins among which they live impoverished people. In such a city of sins in the movie "Corporation" for free in good quality are often residents of the green zone, who intend to have fun and have fun. Because of this, serious conflicts regularly break out, because the Corporation is against such contacts. In the world of the future, nothing is impossible. Cars are controlled by a special system and during the trip you can easily view the latest news right on the spot of the windshield. With the help of a special spray, you can get rid of a scratch on the body in a couple of minutes, and the entire press, tablets and mobile devices have become transparent. The main character-a resident of the green zone Ben Larsen. He is young, ambitious and lives with his girlfriend Laura for three years in a super modern house. Everything changes at the moment when she begins to be in mortal danger. Ben can't stay away and decides to help his girlfriend. For the sake of the future, he is ready to go against the whole system. It is almost impossible to resist the people in the film "Corporation" online, who use the most modern means of communication, tracking and control. Ben knows the best way to defeat an enemy is to study it from within. Hiding from others his true intentions, he begins his double game, thereby exposing not only the life of his beloved, but also his own.

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